Brand Foundation

  1. Our Story
  2. Our Values
  3. Our Environmental Initiatives
  4. Our Promise
  5. Tone of Voice
  6. Writing Example
  7. Corporate Colours
  8. Typography
  9. Photography & Videography

Our Story

The Edinburgh Collection: Premier Hotels & Serviced Apartments in the Scottish Capital

Located in the heart of Edinburgh, The Edinburgh Collection offers a selection of the city’s finest hotels and serviced apartments.

With over three decades of experience in the Scottish hospitality industry, our group is led by brothers Ricky and Sheetal Kapoor. The Edinburgh Collection is part of Palm Holdings UK, an award-winning, family-owned group of companies. For three generations, Palm Holdings has been a leader in the hospitality and real estate sectors, with numerous ventures across Europe and North America.

Our Values | The Edinburgh Collection

Our Values

Our values are the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive our business.

We are proud to support several charities across the UK, including:

Action for Children: Dedicated to improving the lives of children and young adults by providing emotional support, education, and assistance with fostering and adoption.

Social Bite: Committed to helping the homeless reintegrate by providing food and jobs. They are now working to break the cycle of homelessness through an innovative housing model.

Binti: Aiming to provide menstrual dignity to girls worldwide by ensuring access to menstrual health products, educating both girls and boys about menstruation, and dispelling the stigma, taboos, myths, and negative perceptions surrounding it.

Our Environmental Initiatives

Reduce | Reuse | Recycle

Global warming is having a significant effect on our health, climate, and environment. The Edinburgh Collection recognises that it is our responsibility to act in the most environmentally considerate manner throughout the operation of our business so that we can ensure we are proactively promoting and contributing to a more positive future for our planet and generations to come. We strive to offer the best service possible to our customers at the highest of standards at all times and want to do so without compromising our environmental, and social values. To ensure we can provide a service that reflects these values we continuously seek to improve how our business practices can be environmentally sustainable. Our core values are to provide a positive impact to the societies in which we operate through high-quality services, economic growth, environmental protection, community involvement and employment.

In order to minimise our impact on the environment, we have made the decision to eliminate daily housekeeping. By reducing unnecessary power, water, and linen usage, we hope to contribute to a more sustainable future. If guests desire additional housekeeping services during their stay, our front-of-house team will be more than happy to assist upon request.

We are working with both Green Tourism and Energy & Environment Alliance

Exclusive Member Rates

Our Promise

We are dedicated to delivering the ultimate guest experience, blending superior service, prime location, and personalised touches to ensure each visitor enjoys the very best our city has to offer.

Our commitment extends beyond mere accommodation. Whether you need transportation, local insights, or dining recommendations, our team is readily available. Connect with us seamlessly through traditional means like phone or email, or use our innovative guest companion system for pre-arrival queries or during your stay. Our reception desks operate 24/7, ensuring assistance is always at hand.

Explore our digital guest directory for comprehensive information on our hotels, apartments, and the vibrant city around us. Discover FAQs, apartment appliance guides, and curated lists of our favourite activities, dining spots, and exclusive offers—all designed to enhance your stay.

Tone of Voice

Our portfolio of hotels and apartments is distinctly diverse, catering to both leisure and corporate guests alike. It’s crucial that our communication strikes a balance—remaining professional and approachable while resonating with the unique demographics of each client. Our tone is consistently engaging and charismatic across all platforms, aiming to be informative and respectful, always attentive to the individual needs of every guest.


Knowledgable, Friendly, Respectful, To-the-point, Professional, Approachable & Educational

Mailing List - Be the first to know | The Edinburgh Collection

Writing Example

Given the diverse platforms through which we communicate with our guests, our tone can range from friendly and open to straightforward and professional. The illustration below demonstrates this spectrum of communication tones. Clearly, the topic plays a crucial role in determining the appropriate tone and style of our communication.


Corporate Colours



Our brand fonts of choice are:


Headers & Titles: Red Hat Display Bold

Body Text: Nunito Sans Light


These are to be used at all times when at all possible.  Although we understand it is not always possible to access these fonts we recommend using Open Sans in its place which is more accessible.

Photography & Videography

The photography and videography used when promoting our products and services should always reflect our tone of voice.

Our visual tone of voice should always provide a fun and charismatic resonance throughout communication no matter what platform it is being displayed. Our target is to inspire and reflect our company’s values and vision. The highest standard of photography & videography should be used at all times whether that be produced in-house or stock has been obtained by a third party, in this case, we need to ensure that we have the full rights to use the media in the manner we are looking to deploy, if there is any doubt that there may be an issue with copyright infringement then never use the photograph or video.

There are a variety of websites that  offer great royalty-free photographs including the following websites: and

Visual Identity

  1. Our Logo
  2. Logo Variations
  3. Logo Colours
  4. File Types Available
  5. Incorrect Use of Logo
  6. Minimum Size
  7. Logo Placement
  8. Iconography





What’s on in Edinburgh this September

Our Logo

The Edinburgh Collection logo is to be used as much as possible to help promote the group. Not all of our guests are aware that the individual hotels and apartments are part of a collection and this is one of the most difficult challenges for the marketing team. The Edinburgh Collection logo is to only be deployed both internally or via our partners when following these extremely important guidelines:



The Edinburgh Collection logo can either be used by itself or alongside the business’s logos.

we have both black & white variations and this arrangement can have a strong impact especially when being placed over images.

Logo Variations

The Edinburgh Collection logo should always be used in full if at all possible. We do understand that sometimes this is not possible primarily when used as a profile or icon or when required in smaller formats. If the text cannot be seen or there are limitations to the quality of the text then the icon-based logo is to be used. This is to ensure the quality of the brand is reflected as there is no value in displaying the company logo if the viewer cannot read the text or logo graphics correctly.

Logo Colours

We have a variety of colour variations for both our traditional logo and our icon-based logo. We always hope that the traditional gold version can be used but sometimes this is not possible, there are various reasons why it may be due to limitations in printing the product or that the logo clashes with another image or an aspect of the material that it is being printed upon.

File Types Available

For each of the colour variations available, we have a variety of file types of our logo available.


Incorrect Use

The Edinburgh Collection logo should never be amended such as to be stretched, further stylized such as effects, or distorted. If there are ever issues with the quality then inquire further with the partner requesting the logo as they require

the logo in a specific file type, dimensions or file size.

Always use the master artwork and please avoid the following:


Minimum Size

To be able to see all the elements present within the logo, respect the minimum sizes listed below.

Print Minimum Size

The minimum size of the full logo should be no less than 25mm in width. The minimum size of the icon logo should be no less than 15mm in width.

Digital Minimum Size

The minimum size of the full logo should be no less than 95px in width. The minimum size of the icon logo should be no less than 56px in width.


Logo Placement

We suggest that the logo should be used in the following areas when in use on both printed and digital material. We understand that this will depend on the design.


We use a variety of icons throughout our material whether that be on our websites, brochures, or other applications. We have adopted a minimalistic style of iconography. These are found in a bank within our marketing drive.

There are a variety of websites that  offer great royalty-free icons including the following websites and


  1. Print
  2. Web & Screen


Printed items such as stationery and promotional items are important for consistency throughout the brand. At first look without a second glance, the viewer should know which brand they are dealing with. The Edinburgh Collection logo should be used as much as possible to associate with the larger group.

We have a variety of stationery & promotional items in use 

Business Cards, Email Footers, Letterhead, Vouchers, Key Cards & Holders, Door Hanging Signs, Various Leaflets & Posters as well as Brochures

Digital Formats

Again we must have consistency throughout our off and online material. Web & screen communication, just like a hard copy should be clear and easy to view. With a strong use of the primary brand colour (gold) to catch the eye and ensure that the brand is distinctive upon first look.