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The Real Mary's Kings Close

Hidden deep beneath the Royal Mile, lies one of Edinburgh’s deepest secrets; a warren of hidden streets that has remained frozen in time since the 17th Century. There is nowhere in the world quite like Mary King’s Close.

In the company of an expert guide, you can explore this unique site and experience what it was really like for the people who lived, worked and died here. Discover how the fate of this once bustling environment was finally sealed.

The Real Mary King’s Close is unmissable. An award-winning five star attraction that brings to life an important piece of Edinburgh’s rich history; a fascinating underground network of hidden closes and rooms that reveals an extraordinary time capsule of life as it used to be in the Old Town.

Pre-booking recommended.

Telephone: 0845 070 6244

2 Warriston’s Close, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1PG